November update.




It’s been a bit since my last post.  I thought I would take a moment and give an update about what’s going on.



The album is still coming along.  I slowed down the process a bit to focus on some incoming projects.  There are several tunes assembled, and the process of eliminating those that don’t make the cut is always a challenge, but that’s where we’re at in the grand scheme of things.  Then, it will be back to arranging and fine tuning the tunes.



I’m excited to announce I will be doing a weekly live show on Facebook.  I will be putting together live improvisational performances each week.  And who knows?  Maybe a couple of guests will show up along the way!



Can you believe that Thanksgiving, and soon the holidays will be here already? Enjoy time with your friends, family, and loved ones.  I will be doing the same.


That’s it for today.  I will keep you all posted on new material as it unfolds.  I appreciate your patience, and promise to make it worth the wait.





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