My 3 Words for 2017


3-Words-2017I am borrowing this idea from Chris Brogan, who has put this idea to use since 2006.  I had resolutions last year that I felt I completed nicely, even though a few setbacks occurred.  This year, instead of inviting excuses to thwart my efforts, I would like to find inspiration and ambition from my selected three words for 2017.  Let’s get right to it.






My Three Words for 2017

Create. Encourage. Share.


Create – I’m extremely passionate when it comes to the arts.  I have written and recorded music for over half of my life.   I find that if I don’t set aside time for a creative outlet on a regular basis, it greatly affects my well-being.  I commit to pursuing creative projects consistently.


Encourage – I’ve had the fortunate experience of meeting many people through the years, and the conversations tend to have a similar tone.  When asked about my interests, I will discuss my love of music and film.  I often get the response of “I wish I would have learned to play an instrument,” or, “I just don’t have time to do that.”  My goal is to encourage others to take action on those wishes.  I had to flip the roles in the conversation so that I would encourage myself to start my business this year, and if I can find the time to do, so can you!


Share – What better way to engage other humans and create friendships and relationships than to share your story?  It’s easy to feel like your story has no value, but it’s surprising just how much we have in common with each other.  I’ve met many new people by just breaking the ice with deeper questions than your typical small talk, and it’s incredible just how much we are willing to share in those settings.  This is a new territory for me, and I would like to continue this focus in the coming year.  I will create content to share with my audience, focusing on creative endeavors and the ongoing path to a healthier me.


Do you have 3 words of your own?


Please, do share!

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