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Data of the East Accolade available on iTunes and CDBaby.

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You can now order previous releases directly from justplainpaul.com. Data of the East Accolade available as a physical CD. MILES is available as digital download only. Head on over to the MERCH page for more information. Read more →

General Update.

So, it’s been an incredibly long time between posts. To say it has been busy would be quite an understatement. I thought I’d take a second to fill you in on what’s been happening. First thing, music has obviously been pushed to the back burner. I still practice quite a bit, but it isn’t the focus as of late. I… Read more →


justplainpaul – music, shows, news.

  I know it has been some time between posts. I would like to do better about content creation on a more regular basis. I have a few shows coming up. Hop on over to my Facebook page for details this week. I am also pursuing a few creative ventures that I can’t let out of the bag yet, but… Read more →

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justplainpaul – Live at Birdy’s 08.19.2010

Here’s a little footage from the live show at Birdy’s on 08.19.2010. Thank you goes to the guys – Andy and Doug – for their hard work and efforts to make it a fun night for both the crowd and ourselves. More shows are lining up, and I will post info as I receive it. I also would like to… Read more →


Data of the East Accolade – News

Here are some updates for those of you I have not spoken to in a month of Sundays: My debut album was released last fall, and you can still download it from my main site at justplainpaul.com. I had developed a live set to promote the album and was able to get a handful of shows in before the end… Read more →


Robotniks – From “Data of the East Accolade”

It’s been awhile since my last post, and I apologize for it. All I can say is that I have truly been busy and keeping under the radar with working on the music for this sophomore release. As you can hear with this preview, it is a step in a different direction from MILES, but I am having fun, and… Read more →

Path that ends

The Path That Ends

This is a tune from the upcoming album YEARS. It serves as a little tribute to my dad who passed away in January. He was always a fan of my music, no matter what I was doing. He sometimes didn’t understand it, but he appreciated my hard work. This one’s for you, dad. Read more →